UPDATE AS OF 04-27-21

The board of directors for Central Valley Christian Camping Association, Inc. (CVCCA) has made the very difficult decision to close its doors. This decision includes exiting its membership in the Sequoia Lake Conference of the YMCA's (SLC) and termination of its operating rights for Camp Sequoia and Camp Gaines at Sequoia Lake.

CVCCA (formerly Central Valley YMCA, formerly YMCA of Fresno California) was incorporated on January 31, 1888. This non-profit was also one of the founding members of the SLC and was instrumental in the creation and building of Camp Sequoia and Camp Gaines. Over the last 132 years, the CVCCA has seen many leadership changes that subsequently altered the focus of the non-profit's mission over that time.

In 2010, new leadership once again found its way to CVCCA, and the board of directors at that time refocused the non-profit's mission to best fit the name that we have today.

"To promote strong personal relationships with Jesus Christ while providing Christian-based camping programs that build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities."

In 2017 CVCCA rebooted its long-time camping operations in Camp Sequoia and Camp Gaines at Sequoia Lake with the support of you, our loyal and long-time campers. The board of directors, some of whom are lifelong family campers like yourselves, as well as previous staff at the lake, set out to simplify operations and focus on improving the campgrounds. Since 2010, CVCCA has not had any paid staff or made any compensation to any board member in order to re-invest any money that we could back into the camps. However, significate headwinds continued to hamper our efforts to grow our camping operations and we were unable to raise financial capital to just break even at the end of each year. COVID 19 did not help the situation.

Taking all of this into account, the board of directors for CVCCA asked themselves one simple question. Are we fulfilling our mission? The majority answer was NO. Faced with this reality the board thoughtfully deliberated over the last few months on the best path forward, ultimately choosing to close the doors.

You, like some on our board, have lifelong memories and family history at Camp Sequoia and/or Camp Gaines. CVCCA is forever grateful that you have entrusted us with those memories and family bonding experiences. Given this enormous responsibility, the board has focused its efforts on providing our campers the best option to continue building memories and growing healthy families at Camp Sequoia and Camp Gaines without CVCCA. Golden State YMCA (GSY) will be assuming all rights to operations at Sequoia Lake. The CVCCA board has worked with GSY to ensure those campers who wish to, can continue attending camps at Lake Sequoia. For those of you that have paid a deposit to CVCCA for 2021, GSY has agreed to honor those deposits for camping opportunities offered by GSY during 2021, or to refund your deposit. The GSY will be reaching out in the next few days to make you aware of the opportunities this summer. If you have not made a deposit and would like more information, please contact Simon Helyer at simonh@campsequoialake.org or call the GSY office at 559-624-1110.

While this process has been a very difficult decision for the entire board, we are thankful for the trust, friendships, and memories we have built with you along the way. We look forward to the great opportunities God will place before us and continue to ask for His will to be known in that journey with Him.